Cave Of The Forgotten Dreams

I don’t really claim to be anything special, and to be honest, I’m not. I’m Lucho, 25 years old, from the magical place that happens to be Cayo, in lovely Euzzi. I’m gay, but it doesn’t really define who I am. I like to live, experience, feel, idk, I never want to wake up and say “I wish I did that”. I live in New Jersey and its different from all the places i have seen in all this time.

I don’t really think I can introduce myself in words that well, I’m just me I guess, the young man you lives in a small town in the USA that sits with his head in the clouds wishing he lived in London, drink Milkshakes and fucked with the stars. Give me apple sourz, Sambuca and chewing gum, and we can be best friends forever =]

PS: Queen is my religion & Pandas are my life!

Last Book I Read:
Speaker for the Dead By Orson Scott Card

Reading at the moment:
Xenocide By Orson Scott Card

Next book waiting to be Read:
Children of the Mind By Orson Scott Card